F5 301B LTM Review

As part of work, I need to keep up with certification exams and stay current. ¬†While I dislike exams, it’s part of the job and I do learn new things especially during the exam when I stumble upon a question that forces me to learn something and may even cost me the passing mark.

The LTM-B is the second part exam, while I originally took it a while back, I was up for re-certification and had my notes from back then that I review.

To note the exam is based on 12.2, so keep that in mind as some of the questions are dated and newer released fix the issues presented.

Some things to know:

  • Alerting and reporting
  • AVR
  • HA
  • iRules – you should have a good understanding of TCL and the event model used on F5
  • HTTP and headers
  • How connections flow and persistence, especially cookies

Might be worthwhile reading the old documentation from 12.2 and not the newer ones as the software is evolving quite a bit now.