These past few days highlight that the world changes, one can’t sit idle and just watch the world go by for too long. The people in this photo don’t matter for this story, but they are known to the author.

This story here is that everything is changing and that is a good thing. There are cycles, like spring, floods and the time of day.

It is important to stay focused and not fall into a trap where one would think that things will continue for a long time. Here in these photos nature needed to change and adapt to the water and weather.

But in our modern lives we also need to adjust and change to the work environment and adapt as needed.

Long Road

On the way to Page Arizona, you can’t see the Colorado river ahead

One of those nights where you wake up way too early and think about the events that happened the last few days. I wanted to pick an image and just work it, fitting it into my framed thoughts and reflecting on what it means. There is a long road, some people doze off and need to hit the breaks, while others can coast on the road.

As the image here is also dream-like with a long straight road, it’s also boring to look at it too long. It’s easy to sit back and let the computer drive while sipping on a drink. In some ways that is needed, but also that can cause one to fall asleep as seen by these skid marks.

Would a windy road, many turns, obstacles and dangers be more interesting? Going off road there are many things one needs to do to prepare: check supplies, tires, pressure, make sure cargo is secure, etc. But the memories are more rewarding, the energy needed is higher and the drinks need to wait to be consumed.

Schafer Trail, near Moab in Canyonlands

So now the question is keeping me up tonight, should I continue on the smooth drive, sipping my drink, or change paths and take the new road. The destination may be the same in both, but as the saying goes, “it’s the journey that matters, not the destination”

In this instance I need to plan and make preparations for change.


Slowly starting a new year, and with that new paths and goals.

Six year pause and a lot of new adventures, challenges and goal set. Plan now is to take them one-by-one and just go at them. One of these goals is to be a better writer and experience with thought organization and presentation. No better way to do that that just work at it.

Some updated goals for this site are to focus on technical aspects. When I started this blog, there was no Kubernetes and the entire industry looked quite different. Now we are moving into more modular and smaller services that will be broken down into discrete components, managed by different teams. Not like the old IBM or Cisco models that was a one-stop-shop.

Learning the new stack and navigating it is more challenging as there is no prescribed path that is easy to follow. This blog is an instrument that I am using to collect and publish my findings along this path. I also want to share other topics in travel, nature and adventures that are there to inspire and add to the narrative of this blog.