Kodo Drummers

Went to go see the Kodo Drummers performance in London.  Just amazing.  I think that drums are the most genuine musical instrument there is.  I would guess it’s one of the first – even babies know how to beat a stick – and the Kodo drummers just take it to a whole new level.  If you ever get the change to see them – go!


Filming at Somerset House

This weekend we went to check out the art collection at the Somerset house in London.  We were surprised that the courtyard was blocked off for a filming of some new movie.  The limo had Washington DC plates and a US and UK flag, along with “CIA” looking security guards with big guns.  All very impressive.

In the back we saw a Land Rover that was shot up and had the window broken, guess that was the bad guys in the movie.

IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0168